Wir gratulieren unseren ersten Hochschulabsolventen!



10 Jahre Ahsante sana und unsere Arbeit trägt Früchte! 


2011 wurde der Verein Ahsante sana gegründet und genau 10 Jahre später können wir unseren ersten Hochschulabsolventen zum erfolgreich abgeschlossenen Bachelorstudium gratulieren. 


Ahimidiwe konnte erfolgreich sein Bachelorstudium in Tourism Management abschließen und arbeitet jetzt für eine Tour Company in Tansania. 


Elisha hat sein Bachelorstudium in Wildlife Management erfolgreich beendet und beginnt nun sein Masterstudium in Business Administration. 


Außerdem gratulieren wir Angel zum Collegeabschluss und wünschen ihr viel Erfolg für das Bachelorstudium Project Planning Management in Community Development. 


Wir sind sehr stolz auf die Drei und bedanken uns ganz herzlich bei den Paten, die sie seit Jahren unterstützen. 

Vielen Dank und Ahsante sana, ohne euch wäre das nicht möglich gewesen. 


Ahimidiwe, Elisha und Angel möchten sich auch selbst mit ein paar Worten bedanken.



I'm so happy and grateful for Ahsante Sana e.V

My education from primary, secondary to having a bachelor's degree,and here now going for a second degree,it has all been funded and supported by Ahsante Sana,it would have been so difficult to reach this far without the sincere help from the organization,and it's sponsors

Not only about education, Ahsante Sana has helped shape my character,abilities and interaction,how education can reach to the kids from low class,and bring a national to worldwide impact,I really wish to pass this kindness forward!



"[...] It was actually a long way to this point I'm today since every stage I took required me alot, but under a great support from "Ahsante Sana" I was able to get sponsorship from a friend (sponsor) [...] who hold my hand by providing me support on all I needed for studies as well as on other side of Life...Much Love to her


I was born in a family that was not able to provide me with all essentials especially on issues of studies, this was all due to life hardship that  I was born into, I was raised with a single parent, whose health has has a always been troubling her she failed to provide me all i required when growing, my father died long ago when I was still in lower class but too sad I never knew him, he "neglected you" Mama told me how painful!!


To my community it is very risk and dangerous having a child especially a girl child who is not attending school since it's easy for a child to follow bad ways. I was then sent to Albehije Frankosea(Primary School) where I was very Lucky to get a friend(Sponsor) [...] through the help of Kerstin, who accepted to provide me support to my Academic Journey, She was ready to see me grow wise and always wanted me to grow up to become that good Lady..May God Bless her daily


[...] My greatest feeling was when I was told the sponsorship is still with me to University..imagine from the lower class to University, I can't express how thankful I'm to Ahsane Sana!


[...] I clearly admit that under the Umbrella of Ahsante Sana I'm who I stand today. Ahsante Sana has always acted as a torch In my "life ways" to guide me in a safe place where I could grab my dreams.. I'm grateful for this. I'm very confident, very determined as well as full of positivity since I was away from risks and all uncertainty.. [...]